Differences Between Business Cultures And Managing These Differences Efficiently.

Purpose: Enabling participants to identify cultural differences in business relations and to teach the techniques on how to avoid conflicts that may arise between different business cultures.

Outline Consist Of Four Main Sections

Why are we all so different?

• Layers of cultures
• Sub-cultures
• Initial approach for identification and categorization of differences

Different meanings assigned to general concepts
in business cultures

• Employees & company goals
• The role of the manager
• Hierarchy

Differences of general beliefs and norms
between business cultures

Relationships among employees 

• Communication problems between neutral and affective cultures
• Differences between specific and diffuse approaches to business
• Possible conflicts between individualism and communitarianism
• Differences between cultures focusing on relations vs cultures focusing on rules.
• How do ascription-focused cultures differ from achievement-focused cultures

Relationship with time
• Perceptions of Past - Present - Future
• Synchronic vs sequential business process management

Relationship with external environment

• Internal planning and control – Western model
• Conformity with external factors – Eastern model

What do the managers think about each other?

• Turkish managers perspective of foreigners
• Foreigners perspective of managers in Turkey

*Entire workshop consists of real life experiences and business cases.